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Missions Fest exists because missional churches share a vision of unity for the sake of Christ’s mission.

Churches engage Missions Fest corporately in 2 ways: as a “Sponsoring Church” or as a ”Supporting Church”.

Why Sponsor or Support Missions Fest? ...

The Missions Fest Vancouver (MFV) conference is a lavish gift from The Church to the city: General Admission is FREE. The conference is a world-class event that facilitates thousands of meaningful encounters. Countless people meet Christ and His missional calling during the conference. The shared vision of the 150+ sponsoring churches is “unity in Christ for the sake of Mission.”

Missions Fest Vancouver is the largest annual North American missions conference.  It’s been a gathering of God’s people for the past 32+ years. There is an average aggregated attendance of 35.000 people over the conference weekend. It happens annually during the last weekend of January at the Vancouver Convention Centre (in downtown Vancouver BC).  Over the conference weekend there is a film festival, 100+ seminars, 200+ exhibitors, as well as specific events for youth and young adults.  General admission is FREE.

Benefits of being a Sponsoring Church (deeper engagement):

  1. Share in the momentum generated when a united body participates in Christ’s mission.
  2. Free advertisement on MFV printed magazine and online materials.
  3. Church name is listed in the Conference ‘Welcome  Arch’  at the lobby of the Convention Centre
  4. Receive the monthly “Missional News and Updates” from Missions Fest
  5. Publish missional events through Missions Fest social media networks
  6. Contribute to MFV management
  7. Discounts on youth events

*Application form is required (click here)

Benefits of Being a Supporting Church

  1. Share in the momentum generated when a united body participates in Christ’s mission.
  2. Mentioned on MFV website
  3. Publish missional events through Missions Fest social media networks

To become a Missions Fest Supporting Church you just need to make an annual donation to Missions Fest and email unity[at]missionsfestvancouver.ca the following  questions:

1. Why are you interested in supporting Missions Fest?

2. What sparked your interest to support Missions Fest now?

3. How can Missions Fest better support the local church throughout the year?

Donations are made payable to: Missions Fest Vancouver; Mailing address: 7200 Cariboo Road, Burnaby, Bc, V3N 4A7, Canada

What Pastors Say about Missions Fest:

Pastor_JoyBanks“God is moving around the world in exciting and surprising ways, and yet, so often, we lose sight of the global scope of God’s Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.  Missions Fest offers us the opportunity to look up from our local contexts and pay attention to what the Spirit of God may be saying to us through our brothers and sisters in different parts of world.  There are many new questions and challenges that arise as we grapple with how to live out and speak the gospel today in this global age.  Missions Fest offers us a chance to hear new voices and dialogue together about our calling to be the church for the sake of the world.” -Joy Banks Pastor, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church

Pastor_TedNg_headshot“The values and vision of Missions Fest align with the vision and purpose of our church in it’s commitment to mission and Kingdom.  We are very thankful to have Missions Fest in our city as it allows us to be more aware of the ministries that happen in our city, country and beyond.  In other words, it provides us with exposure and insight into what God is doing in the broader church around us which feeds not only our awareness, but encourages us as we follow God in our own particular calling.  We have already committed to bring our whole church to join Missions Fest on Sunday morning for worship every year.” — Rev. Ted Ng.Pastor, Faith Community Christian Church (F3C)

Directory of Sponsoring Churches Interdenominational Volunteer Team  Resources

Why Partner with Missions Fest?.....

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsoring Church

By Pooling our Resources …

  • Missions Fest brings you world-renowned speakers who would otherwise be out of reach for most churches.
  • We are able to attract experienced mission personnel to present over one hundred relevant seminars for free. This would be prohibitively expensive for individual churches.
  • We provide high quality age-specific programs for the whole family.
  • We are able to attract hundreds of mission agencies to come and share their experience and expertise with our local people.
  • We are able to connect your congregation to opportunities to serve with their unique gifts and talents both here and around the world throughout the year.
  • Missions Fest gives you access to information on world missions that a search engine can’t provide.
  • We are able to use first-class facilities.

By Working Together …

  • You get a say in the planning of the conference. This event belongs to the local churches and exists only on this basis. The Board of Missions Fest is chosen from the church representatives which you select.
  • We break down isolation and encourage the church to walk together in diversity as the body of Christ.
  • We affirm unity in the body of Christ. Missions Fest gives your people the “big picture”. They will see your church having a significant part in global missions, not only within one’s denomination but also within the greater Body of Christ in the world.
  • We provide opportunities for individuals to hear God’s call.
  • We provide educational opportunities for individuals to become a valuable resource for your congregation.
  • Missions Fest develops in your members a healthy, outward focus with a passion for the spiritually lost. They become generous givers understanding the needs of others and how they can personally make a difference.
  • Missions Fest provides fresh perspectives and support for your missionally minded congregation

Other Benefits of Being a Sponsoring Church 

  • Missions Fest gives you discounts on youth tickets and concerts, advance access to bulletin inserts, Program Guide Magazines and the promotional DVD.
  • Missions Fest gives you discounts on classic videos for your church library and education programs.
  • Missions Fest lists your church as a sponsor in its publications.



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