Sponsoring Churches

SpChurches_WorkingTogegetherMissions Fest exists because sponsoring churches work together under the banner of global and local missions.

What do we mean by a Missions Fest “Sponsoring Church”? ...

A Sponsoring Church:

  1. Identifies with the purposes of Missions Fest as stated in the Policies of Missions Fest* and agrees with the Statement of Faith that is adopted by Missions Fest
  2. Understands that the defining marks of a Sponsoring Church is the following:
    A Sponsoring Church agrees to appoint one or two official representatives (maximum of two) who will:
    a. serve as liaisons between our church and Missions Fest
    b. assist in planning the next Festival by attending the regular planning sessions (5 per year – Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, May)
    c. help recruit volunteers needed to facilitate the festival
    d. help advertise Missions Fest events in our church
    e. attend the annual general meeting as a member* of the Society, held in May each year (See Appointment of Church Representative(s) form on page 9.)
  3. Marks the weekend of Missions Fest on their church calendar and invites their people to attend by making pulpit announcements and by distribution of publicity materials
  4. Agrees to make a financial donation to assist with the preparations for the coming festival (A guideline is $2.00 per person based on their church’s average attendance.)

*Policies and membership forms may be found in our information package.

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Directory of Sponsoring Churches Interdenominational Volunteer Team  Resources

By Pooling our Resources:

  • We are able to invite several world-renowned speakers annually who would otherwise be out of reach for most sponsoring churches.
  • We are able to attract experienced mission personnel to present over one hundred relevant seminars for free. This would be prohibitively expensive for individual churches.
  • We are able to provide high quality age-specific programs for children, youth and adults – for the whole family.
  • We are able to attract hundreds of mission agencies to come and offer world-wide opportunities and expertise to our own local people.
  • We are able to use and acquire first-class facilities for a variety of uses such as seminars, rallies, and exhibits, which attract participants from beyond our local area.
  • We are able to offer discounts on accommodations in first-class hotels in close proximity to the conference centre.
  • We are able to provide sponsoring churches with discounts on some ticketed events.
  • General admission to the conference is FREE!

By Working Together:

  • We provide opportunities for individual church members to hear God’s call and we encourage them to confirm this with their own pastor.
  • We provide opportunities for your members to explore and use one’s giftedness and to be affirmed and encouraged in this.
  • We raise awareness of needs around the world which in turn develops a healthy, outward focus beginning with the local community around your church.
  • We provide educational opportunities for individuals who will become a valuable resource within your church. This also includes educational missions materials at a discounted rate.
  • We provide fresh perspectives and support for your missions committees.
  • We affirm unity in the body of Christ by bringing together individuals from many different denominations.

Other Benefits:

  • Individuals in sponsoring churches tend to become generous givers.
  • Compassion and caring for others increases.
  • Your people are given the “big picture” of world missions, so that it places your church’s missions in perspective.
  • The local congregation is in the “driver’s seat”. This event belongs to the local church and exists only on this basis. You have a say in the planning of Missions Fest.
  • Having become North America’s largest annual world missions conference sponsored by local churches, God is using it to have a major impact on the world at large.
  • We provide an opportunity for your church to be seen as having a significant part in global mission, not only within one’s denomination but also within the greater Body of Christ.
  • Discounts on tickets and Video Classics as well as advance access to bulletin inserts, Program Guide Magazines and the promotional DVD.
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