Exciting Changes to Missions Fest 2017

We are making some exciting changes to Missions Fest 2017 that we believe will help the church become more meaningfully engaged in Christ’s mission. One-Stage We have observed a couple of things about our General Session which raises two questions. First, the session relies heavily on the speakers to communicate the theme and its message. […]

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Hospitality as a Gateway to Mission

Hospitality is at the heart of mission. It is extending to others God’s welcome to us.  This is the hospitality that Jesus calls for and it’s not always easy. Like in Jesus’ time we find it easier to extend hospitality to people we like. Most birthday parties, for example, are filled with people whose presence […]

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April 11, 2016: Welcoming St. John’s Richmond Church


On April 11th, St. John’s Richmond Church welcomed Missions Fest to their staff meeting and Missions Fest welcomed St. John’s Richmond as a new Missions Fest Sponsoring Church. Missions Fest and St. John’s shared in a participatory devotional where we named where God’s Spirit was at work. Some of St. John’s staff noticed God’s Spirit […]

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St. Simon’s and Justice Globally


Dr Tim Keller memorably commented: “A life poured out in deeds of service to the poor is the inevitable sign of real, true, justifying, gospel-faith. Grace makes you just.”  One of our St. Simon’s NV missionaries who embodies this heart for restorative justice and reconciliation is Hilary King, Executive Director of Embrace Rwanda.  After seventeen […]

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