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Wake-Up Call for Nation-States by Walter Brueggemann


Since the earliest appearance of states  -  those with large concentration sof wealth and power and control of media and violence – they have been ambiguous operations. Since the emergence of the earliest states (empires) in Mesopotamia, they have been charged with the common good, but tempted to act against that common good. The state […]

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Taking Prayer from Me to Us

We’re really looking forward to the Missions Fest Vancouver conference in 2017. The conference theme is Justice and the Gospel and our anchoring scripture for the weekend is the Lord’s Prayer. Mark Wollenberg of International Justice Mission has written some of his reflections on the Lord’s Prayer that help explain it’s connection to justice. In […]

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Work for Justice, Burn-out, and Cynicism: Breaking Free and Bearing Fruit


“I’ve had it”.  These are words I have heard more than once from those who have given themselves to participating in God’s mission of justice and reconciliation.  Perhaps you’ve come to this place yourself as you have sought to work for justice in your workplace  or as part of an organized effort in our city […]

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The Basics of Going


I’ve experienced some amazing things. I’ve seen people healed of illness by the power of God. I’ve stood with a family beside their home of cardboard and plastic tarps on the site of a torn down building with rats running over my feet praising God at the birth of a baby. I have seen young […]

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