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Learning to Care for Those who are Sent

STRONGER TOGETHER: PARTNERS IN MISSIONARY CARE On Saturday, April 26, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn how best to meet the needs of our global mission workers. Paul Dyck, from the Canadian Member Care Network, asks:  How do we care for our missionaries and their children as they experience life uniquely, with difficulty and much grief? […]

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Missions Fest Announces Appointment of Executive Director

Meet John Hall: The Board of Missions Fest is pleased to announce that John Hall will join the staff of Missions Fest Vancouver on April 7th, 2014.  John will work together with current Executive Director, Dwayne Buhler, over the months of April and May, taking on the position of Executive Director at the AGM on May 15, […]

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God Called Many at Missions Fest 2014


We praise God for a great 2014 Missions Fest conference this past weekend. Thousands of people from all ages met at the Vancouver Convention Centre to be inspired and to tap into what God is doing among us and in the world. You can still order audio or video recordings of all our plenary speakers […]

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Who is Hidden in Plain Sight?

This year’s theme at Missions Fest is Hidden in Plain Sight.  Some have asked, who are these people? There are millions of people who go by unnoticed; people we may pass by or see on our TV screens everyday. These “people groups” all have a spiritual need in common; they all need to hear about and […]

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