Originally Published by: Faith Today “Some have asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to just make the Covenant voluntary?’ Of course it would. But this question misses the point.” by Amy Robertson My boss is from the U.S. We see a few things a little differently—the name of a winter hat and the last letter of […]

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Single Women on the Mission Field


Amy Carmichael, Gladys Alward, Lottie Moon and Mary Slessor—these are just a few missionaries of long ago whose stories continue to challenge and motivate us today—particularly single women who aspire to follow in their footsteps. Statistics show that there is still a strong presence of singles on the mission field, with a surprisingly high number […]

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The Perspectives Course Has Framed My Work As An Associate Pastor


Several years ago a friend of mine who had been a missionary in Thailand, and was running a YWAM school, twisted my youth pastor arm enough for me to attend a course he was hosting. I relented, partly to get him of my back and partly to make him feel better for all the work he had put into […]

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Exciting Changes to Missions Fest 2017


We are making some exciting changes to Missions Fest 2017 that we believe will help the church become more meaningfully engaged in Christ’s mission. One-Stage We have observed a couple of things about our General Session which raises two questions. First, the session relies heavily on the speakers to communicate the theme and its message. […]

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