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Thank you! from new moms in the Philippines


“At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality”. 2 Cor  8:14. Watch the “Thank you” from Action International and new mothers in the Philippines for the hundreds of Bundles of Hope collected during Missions Fest 2014.

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Lifestyle Approach to Mission


I’m sitting in my office on a hot summer morning watching a lady come and water the community garden outside my window.  It draws my mind to the parallel between the lifestyle of a farmer and mission.  Too often we think in terms of a task to be completed and checked off, not a lifestyle […]

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About Being: Why you really need to dream

Dafodil - Carolyn Watts

I want to introduce Carolyn Watts to you. Carolyn was an obstetrician who worked in the mountains of Afghanistan.  She addressed the harsh realities that emerge every day when you have limited medical supplies, water, and electricity.  She served those “beautiful and courageous – and needy – people” for four years before illness ended her medical […]

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Learning to Care for Those who are Sent

STRONGER TOGETHER: PARTNERS IN MISSIONARY CARE On Saturday, April 26, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn how best to meet the needs of our global mission workers. Paul Dyck, from the Canadian Member Care Network, asks:  How do we care for our missionaries and their children as they experience life uniquely, with difficulty and much grief? […]

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