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Have a booth at Missions Fest 2016. Why?

A third-party survey in 2013 indicated that 79% of our participants come to Missions Fest to visit the mission agency exhibits. Exhibitors play a key role in connecting people to the right mission opportunities. On average, an aggregate audience of 35,000 people attend Missions Fest activities every year.

Are YOU a first-time applying organization?

One of the goals of being an Exhibitor is to help individuals find a place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use in the Great Commission. First-time-applying organizations or local church ministries need to submit the following information in order to apply to become registered exhibitors at Missions Fest.

Please submit your answers, to the 8 questions below, to

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Statement of Activities including the official start date of the organization
  4. Statement of impact or testimonials including references
  5. What is your link with missions? (if you are a Bible school submit your Missions program)
  6. What is your organization´s legal status? i.e. Registered non-profit, registered charity, or ministry of a local church.
  7. Complete mailing and electronic addresses
  8. How did you hear about Missions Fest Vancouver?

If your ministry is part of a local church, you also need submit a Local Church Ministry application. Missions Fest Vancouver is receiving Local Church Ministry applications to exhibit at the conference.


Previous Exhibitor?


Jan 27-29th, 2017: “Justice and The Gospel”

Early bird special ends March 31st, 2016 



List of 2016 Exhibitors

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