Frequently Asked Questions

How did Missions Fest begin?

In 1984, six local churches from different backgrounds in the Greater Vancouver area felt that global missions were ending up on the bottom of many local agendas. They decided that if they worked together, they could do much more in raising awareness, than if they continued alone.

A conference was planned and the whole Christian community was invited to come. An aggregate of 35,000 people attended that first year.

Because of the overwhelming interest, Missions Fest has been held annually since then.

What happens at Missions Fest?

It is a weekend when people of all ages come together to participate in a variety of missions related experiences. Colourful exhibits, which represent organizations that work in most countries around the world, provide current information. Keynote addresses are given by world class speakers who have international acclaim. Children participate in workshops and programs that raise in them the awareness of the existence of many people groups. The youth are challenged to reach out to others during their rallies and seminars. Music is important in these gatherings; international flags and costumes are part of the decor. Along with these activities, over a hundred seminars are integrated throughout the three days.

What is the purpose of Missions Fest?

Missions Fest is a catalyst to enable people to catch a vision of the Great Commission spoken by Jesus in Matthew’s gospel (28:19,20); to help people find a place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use. Its three-fold purpose is to inform, celebrate and challenge people of all ages to get involved in missions by sending, praying, giving and going.

Who sponsors Missions Fest?

Individual church congregations alone sponsor us. They appoint representatives to plan and organize the conference each year. Out of this body, they choose a Board of Directors who handles the day-to-day responsibilities. A small office staff assists in coordinating the ongoing work. Hundreds of volunteers, many of whom are professionals, plan and organize the conference.

How is Missions Fest financed?

No general entrance fee or registration is required — the festival is free to all. Organizations pay a rental fee for each display space, local churches make an annual contribution, and people who attend are invited to make donations. Special events such as luncheons and youth rallies have nominal charges. Missions Fest is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia as well as a registered charity with Revenue Canada. Income tax receipts can be issued for gifts made to Missions Fest.

Does Missions Fest compete with the denominational missions?

No. Its purpose is to paint the big picture of what is happening around the world, so that people will appreciate what their church is already doing.

How do I become involved in Missions Fest?

We believe that the call to missions should come out of the local church and be nourished by the local church.

One excellent plan to excite the local church about world missions is to become involved in planning Missions Fest as a “Sponsoring Church”.

Here’s how:
1. Make application to become a “Sponsoring Church”.
2. Appoint one or two church representatives.
3. Have representatives attend planning meetings.
4. Mark the festival on the church calendar, inviting the congregation to attend.
5. Assist with volunteers during the festival weekend and/or during the year.

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