Youth Events

The 2016 Youth Rally (1)

Introducing Missions Fest’s 2016 Youth Rally Speaker and Band


GUEST SPEAKER:  Untitled design (1)

Danielle Strickland serves in the Salvation Army, and leads “Stop the Traffik” (an anti-human trafficking campaign) in Canada. She is internationally recognized in her capacity as a leader, speaker, writer, justice advocate, mission developer, and church planter.

“My life has been drastically changed by the love of God. Jesus found me in a dark and horrible place (both inside and out) and his love warmed me up and made me come alive. This love has led me on an incredibly deep and wide journey of boundless Salvation for the entire earth. I believe God has a plan to bring heaven to the earth, and that plan will actually look like real lives changed from the inside out. It’ll be light speaking to the dark to back off. It’ll be justice rolling like a river. It will be God making a way where it looks like there is no way. And all of this plan involves us.”

BAND:  The Chapel Band

We are pleased to welcome back the Chapel Band!

Chapel started out in a small church in South Vancouver with a couple of youth groups coming together and believing God for something big to happen. Despite small numbers and seemingly insurmountable ambitions, the youth that came faithfully engaged with their whole hearts in worship. And it was contagious. Other youth groups joined, camp kids found community, and soon that little church in South Van couldn’t hold everyone.

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Club 67 (3)

Club 67: An Extraordinary Event!

The new and revitalized Club 67 is a flurry of Christ-centered energy. Join Jason Lavergne and REGENBAND as they proclaim God and take a look at what it means for a middle school student (Grades 6 to 8) to be a Christian and do the work of God.


GUEST SPEAKER:Jason Lavergne

Jason has been working with students for many years as a youth pastor, university resident director, and now as the Pastor of Community Outreach at Fort Langley Evangelical Free Church. He lives in Langley with his wife Susanna and children Zoey  and Judah.



We are pleased to welcome back the Regen Band!

Regen will be leading worship for Club 67 (middle school). Their vision is to see the young people of our city reconnect with God, and for this generation to inherit God’s plan of hope and purpose in each of their lives.

Club 67 is age-appropriate for grades 6 through 8.

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