Youth Rally

Friday Youth Rally

Introducing Missions Fest’s 2016 Youth Rally Speaker and Band

 Guest Speaker:
Richard Cunningham

Richard Cunningham is the director of UCCF (the Christian Unions). He was a founding co-convenor of the European Leadership Forum and is currently a member of the Church of England, College of Evangelists. He is passionate about helping Christians be confident in the truth, relevance and beauty of the gospel and equipping them to be engaging and effective witnesses at home and overseas. He is married to Ruth and has five children.



The Chapel Band

We are pleased to welcome the Chapel Band back.

Chapel started out in a small church in South Vancouver with a couple youth groups coming together and believing God for something big to happen. Despite small numbers and seemingly insurmountable ambitions, the youth that came faithfully engaged with their whole hearts in worship. And it was contagious. Other youth groups joined, camps kids found community, and soon that little church in South Van couldn’t hold everyone.

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