God Called Many at Missions Fest 2014


We praise God for a great 2014 Missions Fest conference this past weekend. Thousands of people from all ages met at the Vancouver Convention Centre to be inspired and to tap into what God is doing among us and in the world.

You can still order audio or video recordings of all our plenary speakers and seminars.  Email/mail us one of the order forms below.  Include a credit card number. You can call us if you have any questions: 604.524.9944

Order Form for 2014 Recordings from Plenary Speakers

Order Form for 2014 Recording from Seminar Speakers

Missions Fest Office


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  1. February 4, 2014 Posted by Jemima Boucher #

    This was a great MissionFest. Quick question—is there a way to suggest a speaker for MissionFest. It was awesome to see RZIM there in the exhibition this year, but would love to see RZIM’s Andy Bannister or Nathan Betts there as speakers (www.rzim.ca). Just heard them in Edmonton!

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