Trevor Larsen

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Trevor is passionate about fruitful disciples, as his picture suggests. In the US in his 20s and 30s, *Trevor served as a teacher and coach, a church planter among Asian refugees, and a pastor.  Based for the last 25 years in an Asian country, Trevor serves as a seminary professor.  He started and coaches mission teams in which local coworkers lead multiplying discipleship movements in Unreached People Groups.  Trevor develops leaders’ learning communities to maximize the fruit-bearing productivity of local church planters.  These men mentor others, multiplying fruit for God in small discipleship groups, up to the 11th generation.  Trevor will present Movement Case Studies led by local leaders. Case studies describe how God is producing fruit in Unreached People Groups, and how He uses people whose practices are aligned with Him ... to bear much fruit.

Note: Please do not take photos or recordings of Trevor for his safety and the safety of the people he works with.