The Sacrifice of Serving Across Cultures: Not the One you Expect


Friday at 1:00pm


Level 2, Room 08


Kara Bergstrom


Columbia Bible College (Exhibitor Booth: 911)

Seminar Description:

When serving across cultures we expect homesickness and language learning challenges. We don't always foresee the pain of losing our former identity as we become bi-cultural. Hear stories and examples from 20 years of sending College students. Learn how to re-enter as bi-cultural Christians

Speaker's Biography:

As a language-learner overseas, writer, fundraiser, STM sender, translator, mentor, budgeter, trainer, leader of orientation and debrief, graduate of MA in ICS, and faculty/director of the ICS Program at the College level, Kara has a passion for transmitting her learnings to the next generation.