Supporting Mission by Learning to Pray More Creatively


Saturday at 5:00pm


Level 2, Room 12


Paul Covert


Kontakt Canada Ministry Association (Exhibitor Booth: 805, 817, 818, 806)

Seminar Description:

Do your prayers sound and feel the same every day? Do you need more variety in your prayer? Paul Covert has written a book highlighting 52 Creative Ways to Pray. In this seminar, he will walk us through some of these creative ways to pray in a very practical and interactive presentation.

Speaker's Biography:

Paul Covert is the author of Threshold: Transformational Prayer; Transformational Prayer Leadership, & 52 Creative Ways to Pray: Ideas for Small groups, Individuals, and Prayer Gatherings. He serves as Pastor of Prayer Development at two churches in Arizona and is on the board of Kontakt Canada.