Missionary Discipleship through chosen and unchosen singleness


Saturday at 12:30pm


Level 2, Room 12


Panel Members: Sandra Crawford, Kenny Leung, Min-Soo Kang, Maria Mulder. Facilitator: Eric Westberg.


Mission Central

Seminar Description:

Little exposure is given in churches and other Christian circles to how singleness shapes a person's sense of mission and community and to the value that single people offer to community and Mission. Participants in this panel will share their journeys around chosen and unchosen singleness in.

Speakers' Biographies:

1. As a young woman, Sandra Crawford was career driven, until she became the prodigal returning to God at 35. With a heart for discipleship, she was eager to hit the mission field, but God had other plans. To face the challenges of singleness, she had to fully know His love and her identity in Him.2. Maria Mulder is a lay Catholic woman who professed vows of celibacy in February 2019. Discerning this call to singleness has since led her to a deepening in personal contemplative prayer and a call to bring prayer—communion with God—to others. Maria is also active in a Baptist church in East Vancouver.3. Min-Soo Kang is the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator at Journey Canada. Before moving to Vancouver in 2016, Min-Soo received his MDiv at Tyndale Seminary, with a focus on young adults ministry. He served as a youth pastor in Toronto. Min-soo has a desire to walk alongside young people as they seek to live out Biblical truths with passion and integrity.4. For Kenny Leung, it is in those passionate moments of fanatic faith, you ask God, "Lord, have your way with me!" And when He gives you an answer, it's not always the way you thought it'd turn out. Kenny is a young adult being called to a life of celibacy, caught in the dance of wrestling and acceptance that comes with all presents that come from God.5. Eric Westberg (Facilitator) is a city planner with a long-time career and personal interest in how community is formed and strengthened. His most rewarding projects have focused on housing and community programs targeting social exclusion and isolation, especially among singles. Eric’s East Vancouver church has been the springboard for some of this work.