New This Year

Missions Fest Vancouver is always changing to serve you better. 


Missions Fest Vancouver is introducing registration at the Conference for all attendees 18 and older. All information collected will be subject to our Privacy Policy and will be treated with the utmost respect. Many might ask “Why?” after 36 years. We’re trying to address a few big issues.

  1. Attendee Experience: Christians, Churches and Mission Agencies are experiencing unprecedented pressure on their time, structures and expression of mission from our globalized, pluralized, fragmented and secularized culture, leaving many people wondering: “What next?” To engage our changing mission and cultural landscape well with the hope of Jesus we need to understand what issues our attendees are facing. By gathering contact information, we will be able to ask just that.
  2. Community Building: One of the goals of Missions Fest and Mission Central is to develop a missional community. Over the years we have had very limited ways to engage with people throughout the year. Now with the increase in digital communication there is the possibility that conversations started at Missions Fest can be carried on throughout the year. However, that’s dependent on us having the ability to invite people to the conversation and then for there to be a hub for that conversation to continue. We now have the hub (Mission Central) and would like to extend the invitation.
  3. Safety:  Times are changing and there is a need, as conference organizers, for us to consider the safety of our volunteers and attendees. One way to do that is to invest more energy into understanding who is attending the conference. Just as there is a heightened sense of security in the profile sharing that goes on in services like Uber or Airbnb, we hope that the simple act of sharing a name and email address with us will lead to a more safe and positive experience for all.

Junior Youth Rally (JYR)

We will be holding the Junior Youth Rally (JYR) on Friday evening at 7pm instead of Saturday. Formerly Club 67, this is the middle school rally for Grades 6, 7 & 8. Tickets are required. 

If you purchase a ticket for the Junior Youth Rally you don't need to register for the weekend. Please allow extra time to pick-up wrist bands at the Pre-Registered Table in the VCC lobby.

Prayer Room

We are moving the Healing Rooms Prayer Team and Intercessory Prayer Team to Meeting Room 4 & 6 respectively. You'll find the following in the Prayer Rooms:

  • Prayer Stations: Prayer stations are opportunities for you to learn about an issue in World Mission and pray about it at your own pace. 
  • Intercessory Prayer: The prayer team will be leading prayer at specific times on specific issues. We'd love you to join us.
  • Healing Room Prayer Ministry: If you need prayer for God's direction, or other personal prayer ministry (including healing), this prayer team is available for you. Drop-in or make an appointment.

Saturday Night General Session

We will be holding a General Session on Saturday night in Meeting Room 1-3. Worship Central will be leading worship and Marcio Garcia will be sharing.