Partnership in Mission - Room 10

Becoming a Body in Motion toward Jesus' Kingdom

Friday, January 18, 1:00–5:00pm
Level 2, Meeting Room 10

Target Audience: Disciples and Missional Leaders who want to think deeply about partnership in mission that moves the Church toward best practice for the glory of God

The traditional paradigm of missions involves a congregational missions committee that advises how to divide money up for overseas missionaries who—more often than not—are recruited, trained, supervised, and paid by a separate missions agency. This paradigm obscures continuities between overseas and local mission, reinforces misconceptions about who is a missionary, and erects a harmful wall between "church" and "parachurch." This mini-conference reflects on the biblical metaphor of the Church as Body and introduces a "mission strategy map" that congregations and faith-based organizations can use for relating more integrally in pursuit of the Kingdom of God.


  1. The Church as Body: Biblical Reflection on Unity in Action
  2. Missiology & Partnership: Multiply’s Mission Strategy Map & Partnership Workshop
  3. Power Stretches: easing discipleship cramps by eliminating tension between "church" and "parachurch"

Co-presented by:

  • Jonathan Bird, CityGate Leadership Forum
  • Phil Wagler, Multiply – MB Mission