Lessons Learned from Reconciliation - Room 12

Friday, January 18, 1:00–5:00pm
Level 2, Meeting Room 12

In an age of increasing ideological polarization, uncontrolled dissemination of dangerously ignorant propaganda, and the proliferation of hate crimes, we desperately need to grow in expressing true Christian faith which teaches by word and deed that every human being is made in God’s image, and we need to be reminded of our Christian hope for a coming world of peace, shalom, and salam.

Our three mini- conference speakers will bring us a unique opportunity to learn, through respectful listening and discourse. Lisa and Salim will share from their decades of hard work of Christian reconciliation in the context of the Israeli- Palestinian intractable conflict. Temera, an indigenous Canadian, will share her stories of the pursuit of Truth and Reconciliation in our own backyard.


  1. Our stories” followed by Q&A
  2. Lessons we have learned reaching across cultures. Participant activity: obstacles to reconciliation in each of our own contexts followed by Q&A.

Co-presented by:

  • Temera Millar, NAIM
  • Lisa Loden
  • Salim Munayer, Musalaha