Building Disciple-Making Movements

Friday January 26, 1:00–5:00pm
Level 2, Meeting Room 14

When we learn how to make disciples who make disciples to the 4th (spiritual) generation, the likelihood of initiating a disciple-making movement (i.e. 1000 new followers of Christ) comes within reach. Key is starting small with healthy DNA. Our presenter has seen this happen many times in movements that have won close to 100,000 people to Christ (20,000 groups) from a major religious group resistant to proselytization. This group is now doubling every 15 months. Come learn from a global leader in disciple-making movements. This Mini-Conference is geared towards those interested in becoming practitioners in Canada.


  1. Session 1 - Introducing the distinctives of disciple-making-movements. Identifying the unique focus on prayer and the seven-step Discovery Bible Study process that is at the heart of movements.
  2. 2:30 pm - Coffee Break
  3. Session 2 - Developing the skills to identify appropriate pre-existing groups and pre-believing apostolic agents. Learning to coach in a way that is entirely reproducible.
  4. Session 3 - Adopting confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit to use the Scriptures in transforming lives. Demonstrating trust in new believers to enable them to lead groups of pre-believers.

Co-presented by:

  • Trevor Larsen, DMM
  • Don Klaassen, Outreach Canada
  • Murray Moerman, Outreach Canada
  • Avant Ministries
  • MB Mission