Being the Intercultural People of God - Room 13

Friday, January 18, 1:00–5:00pm
Level 2, Meeting Room 13

Target Audience: Pastors, ministry professionals, missions committee members, cross-cultural workers

In March 2012, the Pew Research Centre published a report entitled "Faith on the Move" which
identified North America as one of four regions of the world that received a total of 53,500,000 immigrants in 2010. The United States was the number one destination in North America receiving nearly 43 million immigrants while Canada received 7.2 million. Christianity is the dominant religion among these immigrants.

It is indeed good news that the world is coming to North America in an age where the practice of Christian evangelism and missions is from everywhere to anywhere. However, churches in Canada, are primarily monocultural congregations who are segregated by ethnicity and faith expressed along denominational doctrines. While these congregations are willing to accommodate other races and ethnicities i.e. to be multi-coloured, global Christians encounter barriers to assimilation, integration of their faith expressions nurtured in their spiritual practices or invitation to leadership.

"Being the Intercultural People of God" promotes a theological ethic of accommodation, assimilation and integration of the nations in the Body of Christ (see Matthew 28:19-21; Isaiah 55:5; Galatians 3:26-29; Colossians 3:11; Revelation 7:9). These verses suggest God’s ideal for His Body is to be a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual community, regardless of ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status. Therefore, the ideal representation of God’s grace would be an intercultural community as it would be proof positive of God’s power to transcend our human tendencies to divide and segregate.


  1. A Biblical Theology of Interculturalism
  2. Dynamics of Leadership in an Intercultural Church
  3. Developing an Intercultural Posture in a Multi-faith & Multi-cultural World

Co-presented by:

  • Ted Ng (D. Min.), Faith Community Christian Church (F3C)
  • Pastor Ike Agawin (D. Min. Candidate), Greenfield Christian Fellowship (GCF)
  • Bernard Mukwavi (D. Min.), Baptist General Conference of Canada
  • Sherman Lau (MA), Outreach Canada