Mini-Conferences are opportunities for you to learn from experts who are collaborating to help you explore a topic more deeply than can be done in a single seminar, and to develop a practical response that can be tied back to your community. 

All Mini-Conferences take place on Friday, January 31, from 1-5 pm. Registration is $12 and includes a coffee break. 


The Great Commission Cooperative

* The Great Commission Cooperative is: Africa Inland Mission (AIM)・Avant Ministries ・Ethnos Canada・Frontiers Canada・Greater Europe Mission (GEM)・OMF International Canada・Pioneers Canada・SEND International・SIM Canada・TEAM (The Evangelical Mission Alliance)・WEC International

Who are the least reached of the world? How do we follow God’s heart to them? Could God be calling you to a “difficult” place?

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Where is your church on its missional journey? How can you move from possibility to passion? How can we learn from those we have sent?

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