Apply to be a Partner Church

We invite your church to partner with Missions Fest Vancouver. We exist to hold the vision of Mission and of unity in The Church for the sake of Christ's Mission. We strive to practically support your missional goals by helping you connect with the relevant resources, leaders, and organizations that share your missional interests. Please fill out the application below and direct any questions to Claudia Rossetto at 604-524-9944.

Important Steps:

  1. Confirm that the pastor and elders support the vision of Missions Fest Vancouver
  2. Confirm that the Statement of Faith can be endorsed
  3. Confirm that there are two mission minded people who are willing to take on the role of Church Representatives 
  4. Email signed forms (pages 6 and 9) of the paper version of the Church Partnership Application 
  5. Set up an appointment for a personal welcome and for an orientation - email: 

If you prefer to use a paper form for the Partnership Application Click Here and ignore the questionnaire below.

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