Seminar Goals and Guidelines


  • Celebrate what God is doing through His people around the world
  • Inform: report needs, challenges and opportunities in missions
  • Educate: teach on current missional trends and wisdom meeting physical and spiritual needs in the world
  • Challenge: inspire participants of all ages to go, send, pray, and give

Seminar Guidelines

  1. Deadline: August 15, 2020
  2. Who can apply to teach a seminar: Any local or global Mission practitioner who has wisdom and imagination to share with the larger group of believers is welcome to apply. All applicants are asked to provide two references. Applicants who have presented two consecutive years will only be selected again if their topics have no other representative or applicant. Otherwise new applicants will be considered first. Also, the Mission Central seminar committee aims to honour invested partners like exhibitors and partner churches during the selection process. Read more details below under # 13.
  3. Categories: Seminars should fit into one of these seminar categories:
    1. Business and Technology
    2. Going Global — Cross Cultural Mission
    3. Gospel Proclamation
    4. Justice (Social and Environmental)
    5. Local Mission and Church Planting
    6. Missions and the Arts
    7. Preparing to go / Supporting Missions
    8. Relief and Development
  4. Freshness & Scope: Seminars should address current issues and not become infomercials. Seminars are not promotional platforms. The Exhibit Hall is the place to showcase the work of specific organizations.
  5. Time: Seminars are 50 minutes, including Q&A.
  6. Handouts: Topical handouts or outlines are encouraged. Presenters are responsible for all expenses associated with their seminar.
  7. Submissions: Applicants may submit up to two applications. The extra ones will be discarded.
  8. Pseudonyms: Presenters or organizations working in restricted access settings may use a pseudonym. However, the seminar application should include both the person's official name and pseudonym.
  9. Financial & Sales: No collections, solicitations, sales, or charges are permitted in seminar rooms. The sale of books or materials should be made by arrangement with the Mission Central Conference's official bookseller at the Exhibit Hall.
  10. Equipment: Presenters provide their own equipment and accessories necessary for their presentation. Mission Central will only provide a white screen and a mic in each room. Projectors and any other electronics need to be provided by the presenter.
  11. Recording, Distribution, and Photography: Missions Central will record all seminars for potential future reference. The recording will be available for distribution unless the presenter indicates otherwise in the seminar application. Mission Central photographers may enter seminar rooms to take photos, which will be used for Mission Central purposes only.
  12. Covenant: By submitting a seminar application, presenters accept Mission Central policies and statement of faith and values, including respect for other organizations, denominations, faiths and religions. It is an offense under Canadian law to denigrate another religion.
  13. Seminar Selection: The Missions Central seminar committee meets during the month of September and part of October to select the seminar proposals that will be presented at the conference. The selection process aims to have a final list of seminars that: a) represent local and global mission, b) give fair exposure to all applying organizations, c) give opportunity to new voices,  d) respond to current public interests and concerns, and e) have representation of mission to all creation, particularly to people who are marginalized. Mission Central also honors their invested participants by allocating seminar presentations in the following representation ratio (as much as possible): 70% to Partner Agencies (Exhibitors), 20% to Partner Churches and 10% other applicants.