Film Festival Submissions

As part of the Mission Central family the Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival (MFVFF) contributes to the vision and mission of Mission Central and operates according to its values and principles.

The Film Festival has several unique goals:

  1. To encourage improvements in Christian film arts.
  2. To develop interest and appreciation of film as a story telling medium that can extend Shalom into the world.
  3. To encourage existing and aspiring filmmakers by providing a platform for networking and collaboration

Date: The 2020 MFVFF will be held from Friday the 31st of January to Saturday 1st February 2020.

The MFVFF Committee reserves the right to choose and invite the films which will be presented at the Film Festival. Each film invited to be part of the MFVFF will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The following guidelines are taken into consideration when selecting films (Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Film Festival Committee):

  • Has the film been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival;
  • Has the film been released for more than a month anywhere other than their country of origin;
  • Has the films been exhibited on the Internet;
  • Does the film respect the aims of the Festival as defined in Article 1;
  • Only one film per director is accepted.
  • If participating in the “international” category if it is a film from outside of Canada
  • If participating in the "short film" category, the film should not exceed 15 minutes in length, including credits.

Filmmakers making a submission agree to the following:

  • Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival during the event.
  • All films must be presented in their original language, with English subtitles. By "original language" it is meant the language in which a film is, or will be, exhibited in its country of origin. 

Film submissions should be sent to: prior to August 30. Complete documentation for each selected film is to be made available to the MFVFF when required.

Notes for Filmmakers Post Selection:

  • Official promotional material for selected films must be received at the MFV office by September 30.
  • The MFVFF will officially announce selected films on the MFVFF website and the Mission Central magazine in November. Each director/producer of a selected film will be contacted by the MFVFF via email.
  • The final copy of each selected film must reach the MFVFF by the end of the first week in January.
  • Films should be submitted as an MP4 digital copy whenever possible.
  • Expenses for the shipping (for both import and export) and translation of films are to be met by the film's producers or relevant body. All expenses for the transportation (round trip) and insurance of prints are also the responsibility of their owner.
  • The selected films will not be returned to the sender by the MFVFF. The film materials can be picked up directly from the MFV office until April 30th, 2020. The materials will be destroyed afterward.