Film Festival Committee


As part of the Mission Central family, the Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival contributes to the vision and mission of Mission Central and operates according to its values and principles.

The Film Festival has several unique goals:

  1. To encourage improvements in Christian film arts
  2. To develop interest and appreciation of film as a story telling medium that can extend Shalom into the world
  3. To encourage existing and aspiring filmmakers by providing a platform for networking and collaboration

Young Tae Choi

Young Tae Choi is an assistant minister of Richmond Presbyterian Church, a Bible teacher of Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, and the founder of POIEO Centre of Arts Ministry. He has more than ten years of leadership experience in institutional church and para-church ministries. He has taught visual art and filmmaking to high school/university students in several art institutions over a period of ten years, as well. As a filmmaker, Young Tae has also directed both independent and commercial films in South Korea, Mongolia, and New York City. 

He is a graduate of St. Andrew's Hall at University of British Columbia (Grad. Dip in The PCC Denominational Studies), Regent College (MDiv in Theology and the Arts), and Korea National University of Arts (BFA). He lives in Langley, BC. Canada with his wife, Jenny Han, and their daughter, Claire. He loves the Triune God, theology, arts, ministry, and ice-cream.

Marianne Mendgen

Marianne Mendgen is a life-long film buff. She grew up in a family full of pastors and missionaries, and attended a C&MA church with an annual Missions Week featuring lots of amazing missionary films. Marianne worked part-time for MFV/MC for 11 years, helping with Communications and, more recently, the Film Festival. She’s excited to see, again, how hearts are inspired and challenged by films about Jesus-followers stepping out in faith to proclaim God to the world.   

Dylan Jenkinson

Dylan Jenkinson has gained experience at all levels of production over his 20-year career. He is a graduate of the prestigious Producers’ Lab at the Canadian Film Centre and served for several years as a development executive on two very successful Disney DVD titles. 

Dylan produced the award-winning short films "Late" and "The Planting" in collaboration with Jason Goode under their banner Jenkinson/Goode Productions, before their debut feature film "Numb". The film was the Closing Gala at the Whistler Film Festival, and has had its commercial release in over 45 countries around the world. Applying his creative and technical skills to the creation of substantial content is at the forefront of Dylan's interests.

Gayoung Yang

Gayoung Yang is a Vancouver based animation artist and developer of children's animation shows. She is a graduate of Korea National University of Arts (BFA) and Vancouver Film School (Diploma in Classical Animation, hons.). Her short film Behind has been recognized in many animation festivals such as the New York International Children's Animation Festival. Since 2014, as a FX artist, she has worked on many TV shows and feature movies associated with Disney. One of the shows, Carmen Sandiego won an Emmy Award in the Animation Categories (2019). 

Gayoung has a passion for life-transforming animated shows that are not only entertaining, but also educational for kids. 

Lucas Lee

Lucas Lee collaborates with creators of all sorts to produce tools, art, and resources that shape everyday action toward common flourishing. As an editor, he helps industry experts and scholars become leaders by translating their work into principles and practices that are accessible to general audiences. In 2018, he launched Gradient Goods, with the mission of pushing back against narrowing perspectives through awakening generous imaginations. 

Lucas completed a graduate thesis at Regent College in which he considered what role critics might still have in shaping culture. He, his wife, and their three kids enjoy eating, puttering, and being with family and friends at and around home in East Vancouver.  

Izumi Araki

Izumi Araki was born in Hokkaido Japan. She lived in the UK to study art for 7 years and lived also in Spain to study Ceramics. From a period of doing Black Gospel Music ministry in Japan, she came to Vancouver to study at Regent in 2004. Currently, Izumi works at ISMC as a Returnees Adviser and also operates Damah International Film Festival with Mark Joseph and Ken Taylor. She is also an artist, writer, and musician.