A Journey to Forgive

A Journey to Forgive

Production Credits:

Director: Sung-Soo Lee / Producer: Sung-Soo Lee

Film Length:

75 minutes


In this award-winning documentary (Audience Choice at the International Christian Film Festival; Silver Remi at WorldFest Houston 2019), a multigenerational group of Christians cycles from Seoul, South Korea, to Tokyo, Japan, with the hope of bringing healing to a route and relationship still marred, for many, by historic injustices. 

Though interspersed with animated assessments of theology and past events, this film is, at heart, a personal story of resilience — relational, spiritual, and physical. At times harrowing, the journey asks of riders and viewers alike: What lengths might we be called to go to embody God’s forgiveness? 

Show Times:

  • February 1 11:30 am

    Screening duration:

    90 minutes


    Ballroom A