Kairos Course — 3 weekend intensives

Global migration has shrunk the world.

  • Your neighbour might be from a place where no one knows Jesus Christ.
  • Your co-worker might be from a country where the church is illegal.
  • Your classmate might be trying to figure out what Easter is really all about.

Will you be able to share God's love with them?

Need help figuring it out? Kairos offers a compass for navigating life-intersections.

Kairos is a nine lesson interactive study of the unchanging purpose and plan of God from Genesis to the end of the age. Focusing on the biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural dimensions of God's mission, this course creates space where you can realign with God's purposes. 

Offered in over 60 countries and 30 languages, stretching around the globe, Kairos is much more than a course--it's a movement. 

$99 Early registration until December 31, 2018. $150 from January 1, 2019

Need Info: ljohnston@outreach.ca

Missions Fest Vancouver is co-sponsoring this event with New Life Community Church,

New West Christian Reformed Church and Outreach Canada

Navigate the intersections; find your place; realign with God. Take Kairos!

Course Schedule
  • TimeDescription
  • 7pm - January 25thFirst Session
  • 3:30pm - March 3rdLast Session