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Stephanie Ratcliff

Vancouver-based indie folk-pop artist Stephanie Ratcliff is refreshingly authentic, rustic, and relatable. Creating “gorgeous cinematic folk-pop” (Ride The Tempo), her sound sparks a nostalgia for a simpler time and provokes listeners to reminisce, reflect, and dream. She crafts lyrical poetry that comes to life while baring human vulnerability, emotional transparency, and hope. This is art speaking to the darkness with beauty and light. Stephanie has released two EPs over the past 15 months with her latest, “Land in Unknown Places”, being released in July 2018. 



Based in Vancouver, MT12 uses the universal language of music to uniquely express real experiences and emotions about life in relationship with a mysterious, yet relentlessly loving God. Whether through celebration, lament or worship, their music propels your spirit and magnifies God’s magnificence.

Artists of MT12 are singers, rappers, songwriters, musicians, controllerists and DJs who produce their own music. They feature performance and songwriting collaborations with US-based hip hop artist S.O. from the hip hop label Lamp Mode, producer and DJ Marco Grenier, rapper Terrance Richmond, spoken word poet Nick Osborne and others. 

MT12’s musical influences are a mashup of pop, electronic, hip hop, world and cinematic. Their electronic and acoustic music is fun, intense, personal, artistic and theological.

Members Jeff Wong, B.O.Z (a.k.a. Bosco Poon), and Paul Hernandez were brought together through MT12 Church (More Than 12), which has a history of empowering Kingdom creatives.

Two singles are available as previews of the forthcoming album. Higher Solar is an east meets west hot-pot of modern genres, influenced by the likes of DJ and producer Steve Aoki and the band 21 Pilots. Destination Fire was co-written by B.O.Z and Jeff Wong to accompany Bosco Poon’s autobiography available later in 2019. His inspiring story is one of seeking after worldly dreams in music, to meeting Jesus in prison, to becoming a pastor at MT12 Church ( / @morethan12) under the pastoring and mentorship of Jeff Wong.

Their upcoming debut album slated for Spring 2019 includes songs such as Back To You, Your Name, Time Flies, Lighthouse, Living Big in Me, and with ambient cinematic spoken word poetry.

The music is available on all major platforms including iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

MT12 is always looking for artists to work with, empower, resource, mentor and collaborate with, whether musical, digital, film, poetic or others:

Worship Central




Worship Central is a movement of worshippers who want to see the worship of Jesus Christ made central throughout our communities, local churches, and the world. Worship leaders from across Metro Vancouver will be collaborating to lead worship in the General Sessions.

Mirror Arts

The Mirror Dance program is a pre-professional program which trains, mentors, and disciples young adults towards a career in teaching, performing, and creating dance. It is all part of the broader Mirror Arts Program (Film/Music/Dance), an exciting new launchpad for emerging artists which has a focus on collaboration, mentorship, and artist entrepreneurship. This invaluable series of training courses are designed to equip young artists for a viable career in the arts and works in partnership with Langley's Bez Arts Hub and Dance Barn Studio. Come and chat with us for more info at our booth in the Exhibit Hall or check us out online.