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Are you looking for…

  • the right Country
  • the right People Group
  • and the right Ministry

for you in God’s service?

Find Service Opportunities Discover your G.I.F.T.S. List of 2015 Exhibitors Short and Long Term Opportunities

Mission Opportunities handout (pdf)

Learn answers to questions about missions at Ask A Missionary website.

Information for Exhibitors

Get started with using Meet the Need Free Web Tools and help mobilize your church or ministry to meet the needs of your community.

Get Started at Meet the Need Meet the Need Webinars

January 18 2013 webinar for Missions Fest Exhibitors

Dec. 11,2012  Intro Webinar:  Webinar Video PowerPoint slides 1-Page Quick Guide  -  Brochure for Churches Brochure for MinistriesGet Started at Meet The Need

Missions Fest Vancouver is excited about a new partnership with Meet The Need, a non-profit charity that shares our vision to extend the season of serving past the Missions Fest conference and to mobilize the body of Christ to serve those in need. Meet The Need is providing all the tools needed to more easily manage your volunteers, events, benevolence, charity drives, in-kind donations, and more!

Many ministry websites, including ours, already have modules powered by Meet the Need.  The tools are very modular and easy to integrate into your website or they can help your ministry create a web presence to recruit and manage volunteers and to post needs.

  1. Habitat For Humanity Hillborough
  2. Calvary Baptist Church
  3. The Salvation Army Central Arkansas Area Command

Missions Fest Vancouver introduced a new partnership with Meet The Need that will directly benefit your churches and ministries in our cities to mobilize people to serve in the name of Christ through web tools.  Read more…

You can watch this 5 minute video about Meet The Need
MTN Video


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