First-Time Exhibitors

exhibit-iconThank you for considering becoming an exhibitor at the Missions Fest Vancouver conference.  We are an evangelical Christian organization that presents missional agencies and resources to the church to challenge and inspire them to participate in Christ’s mission.

We strongly value having a diverse number of organizations which represent many different cultures and secondary theological perspectives; however, we value unity as well, and hold the two in tension. This may impact our decision to allow your organization to exhibit.

Please review the following information to determine if your organization qualifies to exhibit at Missions Fest.

Exhibiting organizations

a)       May be included in one of the following categories:

i)                    A government registered charity and are entirely dependent on donations.

ii)                   A government registered missions supporting not-for-profit organization.

iii)                 A missions supporting commercial business.

Missions Fest wishes to give priority to organizations in categories i) and ii) by encouraging them to register early. Agencies in category iii) may register after September 1st only.

b)      Must submit a Statement of Faith which is in agreement with the one adopted by Missions Fest.

c)       Must submit clear and accurate Statements of Purpose, Activities and Impact which describe how evangelization and/or discipleship is part of the activities of the mission. (Note: While advocacy for justice and righteousness are important acts, advocacy alone may not be considered sufficiently missional for an organization to become an exhibitor at Missions Fest.)

d)      Must have a history of operation for at least 2 years which gives evidence of being both accountable and ethical.

e)      Must have leadership whose conduct is above reproach morally, ethically and financially; leadership who is accountable to official Boards, who, in turn, represent people of integrity and a broad base within the Christian community.

f)        Must be an organization which has demonstrated financial accountability, and satisfies the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, ECFA or equivalent requirements, and which is subject to a financial review, with financial statements which are available upon request.

To submit in an application click here: Exhibitor Application
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