Persecution of Christians: What We Can Learn from Mordecai

Discover how adopting Mordecai’s paradigm can stop horrific persecution of Christians in the Middle East and around the world before it takes place.

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Japan: In the wake of the Tsunami

Returning from a short-term mission trip to N.E. Japan in Aug 2014, veteran missionaries, Tony and Pat give a first-hand current update on the situation there. What effect can be seen after 4 years of dedicated Christian volunteering from both abroad and Japan to the tsunami-stricken area?

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Today’s Tentmakers: Serving in a Dangerous World

Tentmaking is not for everyone. Learn how the right wisdom and strategies are needed to operate within an acceptable level of risk in volatile areas.

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Impact of the Gospel on the Forgotten in Unreached Areas of Asia

Sustainable models and testimonies of Gospel impact into unreached, persecuted areas in East Asia. Focus on helping save and serve slaves and other at-risk groups such as: the homeless, migrants, abandoned elderly and mentally and/or physically challenged, and recently released prisoners.

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From Canada’s Ghettos to Cambodia’s Slums

How a missional community in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood equips Christians to live and minister in the slums of Asia. Gain applications for your life.

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Dare to Dream: From the Streets of Vancouver to Transforming the Global Church

Thousands of Internationals are in our cities; the opportunity to impact the church from Colombia to the Sudan to Mongolia is huge. Having coffee, a meal or a walk with them has never before had the potential to have such a global impact… Imagine them returning home with Christ in their hearts.

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Local/Global City Missions Training: 7 Strategic Ways You Can Be Involved in Missions

God’s bringing the nations to the city. Here’s an equipping strategy featuring 7 vital ministry roles your church can fill to reach the city for Christ.

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Debriefing – Is it really necessary?

Unpacking our story is crucially important. Reflective listening is one of the greatest gifts we give each other. This seminar provides the benefits of debriefing those involved in missions here and around the world. We will explore roles and responsibilities for missionaries, churches, and mission agencies. Discussion will be welcomed.

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Winning the Kids Across the Street — and Around the World — for Christ

All children need to know God’s love. Learn how to lead kids to Christ and empower them to be witnesses at school, soccer… or Somalia!

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Un-stereotype Missionaries

How can you respond to a call to missions without the spiritual or financial support of a backing church or agency? Explore the possibilities.

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