Seminar Applications

Seminar applications are open until August 31, 2017

The application will be towards Missions Fest 2018.

2018 Conference theme: “What is the Gospel?”

Seminars are an essential part of Missions Fest Vancouver and help inspire and educate the public on missional topics. We welcome a variety of presentation styles to keep things interesting and relevant. If you’re a teacher then teach; others may tell mission stories or conduct workshops. Whatever you do please strive for excellence.

Applications to be a presenter can be made to present until August 31, 2017 for Missions Fest 2018 (Jan 26-28, 2018). One important change to note is that we would like presenters to identify one topic that their seminar falls into. We hope that this change will help the public quickly identify areas of interest and increase participation in the seminars.

Children’s Workshops: On Friday at Missions Fest we have a thousand kids from local Christian schools (Grade 4-12) come out for a dynamic day of education on mission. We’re always looking for presenters who can do an engaging workshop on the ministry passion. If you’d like to present to kids, use the “Type” dropdown to flag the application for this group.

Keep the following in mind when applying:

You should be officially recognized as an authorized representative of a mission agency or church if you want to present.

You should be willing to adhere to our code of conduct and agree with our statement of faith.

If selected as a presenter you may not substitute spots with another presenter or change rooms.

By submitting an application, speakers acknowledge the agreement with our Statement of Faith and Speaker Guidelines below:


The following information provides guidance for the application process and preparation of seminars.

Seminar Goals

Instruct: Teach current happenings and trends in missions.

Inform:   Report challenges and opportunities in missions.

Inspire:  Motivate participants to go, send, pray and give.

General Guidelines

  1. Deadline:
    August 31st or the first 100 applications, whichever comes first
  2. Categories:
    Seminars should fit into one of the seminar categories: Business and Technology, Going Global – Cross Cultural Mission, Gospel Proclamation, Justice (Social and Environmental), Local Mission & Church Planting, Missions and the Arts, Preparing to go/Supporting Mission, and Relief and Development
  3. Scope:
    Seminars should reflect the “big picture” of missions, addressing current issues and best practices in missions by teaching principles and using practical examples.
  4. Freshness:
    Presenters with personal experiences and perspectives are encouraged.
  5. Infomercial:
    Seminars must keep to the proposed subject and are not to become a promotional platform.
  6. Time:
    Seminars are one hour long, including Q & A.
  7. Handouts:
    Topical handouts/outlines are encouraged.  Presenters are responsible for all expenses associated with their seminar.
  8. Submissions:
    Applicants may submit up to two. Any beyond that will not be read.
  9. Pseudonyms:
    Presenters/organizations working in restricted access nations may use a pseudonym. However, the seminar application should include both the person’s official name and used name (pseudonym).
  10. Financial:
    No collections, solicitations, sales or charges are permitted in seminar rooms.
  11. Sales:
    The sale of books or materials should be made by arrangement with the official bookseller.
  12. Equipment:
    Presenters provide their own equipment necessary for their presentation. Missions Fest will have screens in each room. Projectors cannot be provided.
  13. Recording:
    Missions Fest will record all seminars, and with the presenter’s consent, make them available for distribution to the public. Unauthorized recording is not permitted.
  14. Covenant:
    By submitting an application presenters accept Missions Fest policies and statement of faith, including respect for other organizations, denominations, faiths and religions. It is an offence under Canadian law to denigrate another religion.

For details on how to apply to present a seminar, please call the Missions Fest Office at 604-524-9944.

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