Short Term Missions Focus: JAM Canada

By Jill Neilson, Executive Director

How does one make sense of tragedy that inspires others to get involved? JAM Canada recently had to grapple with this reality, when a young woman who was excited about our ministry was taken much too soon. While visiting her parents, she went for a walk and was involved in an accident and unfortunately, she did not survive.

Her parents being aware of her interest in JAM planned a family missions trip in her memory by sponsoring the makeover of a nursery in a shanty town in Africa.  The family was not able to do all the physical work required but a group of students from her university wanted to make a difference. We joined the two groups together.

The family sponsored the project. The students came and did the work.  I had the privilege of visiting this project and to see the joy and change this has made. To see the school go from nothing to having a hygienic kitchen and bathrooms, classrooms with equipment and supplies, playground, even a garden; it was overwhelming what love can do. Also, the children would receive a year’s supply of nutritious food as part of the program.

What started out as a sad story ended up bringing joy and hope for the future to many lives. Those that funded it, those that worked, and those who received.


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