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Exhibitor Blog Post – “Squiggles on the Page” by Dusty Sandals


“Their dream is to do something for the one third of the rural population who still cannot read…”

Winter 2016

Twelve years’ hard work has produced an excellent Hindi Study Bible. But, is this work lost on those who cannot understand the squiggles on a page? Alex Matthew, head of Wycliffe India, approaches us with this problem. He and his wife worked on a translation of a tribal language in Orissa for 14 years. They are aware of the level of illiteracy that remains in rural areas. Their dream is to do something for the one third of the rural population who still cannot read. They have subsequently built a first-rate recording studio in Dehradun, North India, to make audio versions of the Bible available in different languages. Hindi is the majority language of India and Wycliffe asks if we can collaborate to make a dramatized recording of the Hindi Study Bible.

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From their experience, it will take close to sixty days to complete the New Testament. It will be a dramatized recording requiring twenty-four actors to read the script. Wycliffe India is ready to make their studio and staff available as their contribution to the project.

Additional costs would cover hiring local people to do the reading: this would include auditioning people. Wycliffe is ready to help raise some of the funds.

After completion, the audio track will be imported to hand held MP3 play­ers, Micro SD cards, online streaming sites, MP3 file downloads etc.

blogpost AprilThe studio also has the technological capability to merge the audio track with the smart phone app. This is particularly helpful for the beginner reader who can follow the text while listening to the audio. The goal is to start recording in Feb 2017. We continue to strive to make the gospel of Christ more accessible to the Indian people.

Spring 2017

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Audio Version of The Hindi Study Bible

A grey foam padded sound-proof room holds enough microphones for the “actors” who are recording the Hindi Study Bible. Through the sound-proof glass they can see the technician and recording equipment in the professional studio built by Wycliffe India in Dehradun, North India. Four organizations are collaborating to make this project a reality, Wycliffe India, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Faith Comes by Hearing, and Dusty Sandals. Of twenty-four actors in total, the three main ones are the narrator, Jesus, and Paul. Target date for completion is mid-April this year.

Hindi Study Bible App

Phone app downloads of the Hindi Study Bible has passed the five thousand mark. There is so much demand for the Old Testament that Harris Singh and Prasad Vara will be publishing the Old Testament book by book.

Village School in the Punjab

Sprouting from the roof of the Dadwan Ministry Centre, brick, rebar, plaster and wooden frames are creating eight classrooms for the newly established primary school. Schooling costs are prohibitive for many families so their children grow up without education.  This school is making education affordable for children at risk. Three teachers will instruct sixty students from Lower KG to class two when the new school term begins the first week of April.  “We never dreamed that our children would be able to go to school”.


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