EFC Report on Missions Engagement in Churches


The Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study Series is the first ever comprehensive national research on how Canadian Evangelicals engage with “mission” or “missions.” With over 3,400 Canadians polled and qualitative interviews with 56 Evangelical churches, this series of reports provides a snapshot of how and why Canadian Evangelicals engage with short-term and long-term missions, and forms a baseline for future study.

Some highlights from these reports are:

  • Pastors, frequent attenders and younger Evangelicals are more likely to go on short-term missions trips, as are Evangelical lay people from larger congregations or in Canada’s western provinces.
  • Many short-term missions trips are close to home and the duration is usually two weeks or less.
  • About two-thirds of pastors and half of lay people agreed that the spiritual growth of STMT team members was the primary purpose of these trips.
  • Many see non-Christians’ participation on STMTs as a form of outreach to those non-Christian team members.
  • The majority of pastors (90%) and lay people (67%) agree that local churches should challenge young people to consider long-term, career missions.
  • In-depth interview informants usually indicated they would be reluctant to encourage their children or grandchildren to consider long-term, career missions (LTCMs), but that they would accept their family member’s LTCM call if they were convinced the Lord was calling them.
  • Nearly two in five evangelical lay respondents (39%) said that LTCMs typically last 5 years or less, compared to just under one-fifth of pastors (18%).
  • More than one-third of pastors (37%) said their local congregation sent out at least one LTC missionary in the last 5 years.

Click on the links below to download these reports:
Canadian Evangelicals and Short-Term Missions
Long-Term Missions Report: Calling, Sending and Training

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