Exhibitor Blog Post by: Adopt a Nation

Adopt a Nation exhibited at Missions Fest Vancouver for the first time in 2017’s, “Justice and the Gospel” Conference.  Adopt a Nation works with Japanese agencies in Japan to send students to loving families in Canada. They developed their process to create a stress-free environment for a Japanese’s student’s homestay in Canada. Learn more about how they are different here: http://adoptanation.org/how-we-are-different/.

Missions Fest Vancouver asked if they could share their experience from the 2017 Conference.adopt a nation

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Exhibitor Blog Post by: Adopt a Nation

“Missions Fest was God’s method to breathe life into what we are doing.”

As for a miracle, it was two.  When we started our ministry we knew we needed to get Japanese agencies on board; because they are the gatekeepers of Japanese students which allow the connection of student to homestay in Canada.  Last March we went to Japan and cold-called the corporate towers in Tokyo looking for these agencies.  On our last day in Japan we secured two agencies who were excited to partner with us and understood our vision.  The challenge was, they required us to find families in Vancouver but we live in Calgary and had no connections (yet) in Vancouver.  The one agency that partnered with us had a minimum of 10 Japanese families to start and the other agency had a minimum of 30 Japanese families for us to start with. We had the Japanese connections ready – but now we needed to find host families in Vancouver…

We spent almost a whole year working with missions organizations, churches and colleges in the Vancouver area, but not even one family wanted to partner with us.  Discouraged we almost did not go to Missions Fest Vancouver.  However, we decided to attend as exhibitors for the Missions Fest Vancouver, “Justice & The Gospel” conference, praying for our miracle to find host families in Vancouver… Our first miracle was that we had 34 families sign up as interested in taking students from Japan!  Also, true to our original vision these families want to do it for the missions opportunity!  Our second miracle is we made a connection with a Japanese lady who was also exhibiting. She has a full network all over Japan, and the best part is that when we lead Japanese students to Jesus they can be connected and find discipleship through this new-found connection.  This was an essential piece we needed.  So, all in all Missions Fest was God’s method to breathe life into what we are doing.

Brayden Sloan
Adopt a Nation
Email:  info@adoptanation.org

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