Exciting Changes to Missions Fest 2017


We are making some exciting changes to Missions Fest 2017 that we believe will help the church become more meaningfully engaged in Christ’s mission.


We have observed a couple of things about our General Session which raises two questions. First, the session relies heavily on the speakers to communicate the theme and its message. This is great if you’re an auditory learner or if the speaker is really engaging–but what if that isn’t the case? The first question is: Can we communicate our conference theme in a more dynamic and effective way?

Second, we see a divide between the youth and adults that is sad for a number of reasons. The picture we have of the church from the bible sets out a vision of youthful passion and energy united with the experience and wisdom of elders. Our second question is: Can we model young and old working together, united for the sake of Christ’s mission?

Our answer to these two questions is One-Stage. We will be combining short sets from speakers, video, music, and performing arts into a dynamic whole that tells the story of Justice and the Gospel over the entire weekend. One session will blend into the next as we explore different facets of our theme in an intentional way.

Youth Event

We are moving our Youth oriented event from Friday night to Saturday night this year. Because the General Sessions are going to be more dynamic we hope younger people will be present in strong numbers throughout the weekend. If you’re young (at heart) and need something louder; or a place where you can get your dance on, you’ll also want to be at Saturday Night @ MFV. Make sure to get your tickets early!

Prayer Room

We are giving a greater place to prayer in 2017 by introducing interactive prayer stations at Missions Fest. When your arrive in Ballroom B you’ll find prayer stations with images, prayer points and practical ways to interact with local and global needs as we pray for some critical missional issues. Topics you’ll find represented in the prayer room are: Unreached People; The Persecuted Church; Justice Issues; “Go”ing; The Church and Aboriginal Reconciliation; Canada and more.


Over the years, people have consistently reported that a highlight of the conference has been the seminars. One thing that many have asked for is an opportunity to go deeper into some subjects. This year we are introducing the Mini-Conference to address that need. A Mini-Conference is a collaborative effort between mission agencies to help attendees further explore a particular area. Participants will get to choose one Mini-Conference to attend on the Friday afternoon (1:30pm – 4:30pm). The format will be an interplay of teaching from missional experts, along with workshops to help  develop a personal toolkit for specific situations. Registration will be required and a nominal fee will apply. Stay tuned for topics and further details.

Volunteer at Missions Fest!

We’d love to have you join our team of volunteers that help to make it all happen. Give us a call for more information.

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  1. June 3, 2016 Posted by Ron A. Kinch #

    I applaud the addressing of these issues. As an auditory/visual learner I do not do much reading. I think the Missionsfest Film Festival is a great tool for English as a second language, cultures other than Canadian/Amercan, ;and alternately challenged learners like myself. I also think we Canadians need to speak a little louder than our neighbours otherwise we tend to be drowned out by American styled “hollywood” and mainstream media focuses. The unique social media and Canadian and particularly Western Canadian highlights and leaders need to be heard and responded to with enthusiasm by younger generations. As you say the marriage of youthful passion and elder wisdom needs to be solidly mentored and be seen as vital to the local churches in order to as Jesus did impact the world and the vulnerable and the marginalized in our society. I also think what is known as “Special Gifts” and
    “Special Needs” need to be addressed and heard as vital to any and every local church if the reality of our neighborhoods and communities are to be touched in meaningful ways.
    Mobility issues also need to be accommodated for those challenged and involving people. Engaging with the Richmond based Rick Hansen Foundation, and Rick Hansen himself can only add to that engagement and those accommodations.

    I am excited at this year’s theme and the many who are drawn to and engaged in issues of Justice and Good News.

    One other thing that Westjet has done is make the trip by air from SK and AB very affordable at $140. one way and showing hospitality to Western Canada at such a time as this would be a great encouragement to local churches across the west and a great gesture by BC local churches to host Prairie people who are hurting and displace in many ways especially financially at this time.

    I believe Westjet’s “Community Investment” charity on their web site should be engaged to make the Vancouver/Abbotsford/Victoria/Comox destinations a success for this Western Canadian Conference as you say the biggest and best in N.A. an even greater success.
    Hosting speakers sponsored in part by Westjet would be a good and opportunity for Westjet to engage in this event in their huge marketplace. That time of year is often when a huge number of vacant seats are available on Westjet’s and Westjet Encore’s many flights.

    Ron in Calgary.

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