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Voices Together 2013 from wakefield productions on Vimeo.

Over the past three months I’ve been rubbing shoulders with men and women of God with a heart to gather Christians of our city for prayer and worship. We have formed the VOICES TOGETHER planning team, with a call to the Church to unite on Canada Day – July 1st – at Rogers Arena.  It is exciting to see leaders and pastors from key churches pray for God to visit our city in a fresh, new way.

Join us as we pray and prepare for this day.

Join us at Rogers Arena July 1st !

For tickets and more information on Voices Together, go to http://voicestogether.ca


Dwayne K. Buhler, Director of Missions Fest

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  1. June 28, 2013 Posted by Claudia #

    Great to see that MIssions Fest helps foster unity among churches beyond the Missions Fest conference weekend!

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