Canadian Kids Make a Difference in Honduras

Powell River to Penzotti:

Grades 6-7 raise funds for a literacy-education project

In January 2012, an email arrived at CAM International of Canada from a BC teacher at the Powell River Christian School, asking how to connect with a school in Honduras. She assigned her grades 6-7 class a Passion Project to raise awareness and/or support of a certain cause. Five students decided to raise money to help support Child Literacy and Education by hosting a Book Swap event in March. People who attended the event purchased donated books; all the proceeds were to be shared with a needy school. Julie Martin, the teacher, kept telling her students “It’s not about numbers; it’s using the gifts God has given us to help make a difference – no matter what size that difference is.”

CAM connected them with Penzotti, a national Christian School in Honduras. On March 9th, Julie sent this message. “We had our fundraiser for the Child Literacy and Education passion project yesterday. Five students raised over $330 for Penzotti School in Honduras. Huge success! Luke 10:21

Quickly, CAM e-mailed Edith Peters. She has ministered to children and families in Honduras for 40 years! Her response was immediate. What a pleasant surprise to learn that the school raised funds for Honduras. That is a first time ever! Today we were working with the team comprised of two directors, a curriculum coordinator, psychologist and special education teacher to discuss progress on the implementation of the learning resource center for students with special learning needs. There are twelve in this first group, all integrated into regular classrooms, going out for special help in their areas of need. I casually mentioned that even though our budget was tight we would seek help from outside to complement any needs for that center, be it testing materials or something out of the ordinary. I never dreamed the answer would come so quickly! Isaiah 65:24

CAM says “thank you” to these grades 6-7 missionaries who so eloquently illustrated how God reaches around the world in a huge hug of love.

Charleen de Haan
CAM International – Canada

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  1. December 13, 2012 Posted by CAM Canada #

    Three cheers for the kids at Powell River Christian School – amazing God connection!

  2. December 13, 2012 Posted by Edith Peters #

    This project was a blessing. Each of the candidates finished well. Those who graduated finished with a deep satisfaction that with the help of The Lord anything is possible.

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